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HIV & AIDS - 35 Years and Counting: Current Research, Treatments and Resources

3 CE Credits/Hours - Online Course - $29.00

Developed by Tom Smith, Ph.D.

This course includes materials consisting of:

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General Course Description

This introductory course provides a brief overview of the HIV/AIDS pandemic 35 years after the first diagnoses. It is composed of five documents, one video about the importance of getting tested, and resources for further information.

It begins with a discussion of the beginning and progression of the pandemic so to provide an historical context. Information and testimonials regarding the importance of testing are presented. New prevention strategies regarding pre-exposure prophylaxis are described and discussed.

Current treatment strategies are explained including the new medications available to treat HIV, particularly if certain HIV drugs are no longer effective. Post-exposure prophylaxis using antiretroviral medicines very soon after possible exposure; for example, healthcare workers who come into contact with the blood an infected person to prevent becoming infected with HIV is described.

HIV/AIDS affects many special populations. This course specifically discusses how HIV impacts youth, transgender people, and those over 50 years. These particular populations tend to be ignored and only recently have been focused on by the medical community, social workers, counselors and prevention specialists.

Author's Personal Note:
After 35 years, I am extremely grateful that I am still here after watching most of my friends die. I miss them all, especially Arthur. I am very thankful for all the advances in treating HIV/AIDS that I have benefited from and the care I have received from my healthcare providers. I am particularly filled with gratitude for the as yet unknown mechanism in my body that has kept me in good health with a minimum of HIV medications. HIV/AIDS is not going to go away anytime soon and more than anything, I want my colleagues to understand the history, impact, treatment and prevention issues surrounding this horrific global health tragedy. It is in this spirit that I have developed this updated, comprehensive course in the hope that it will prepare health care providers with the knowledge they need to make their contribution to caring for those with this disease.
      Tom Smith Ph.D.

Educational Objectives

This course will teach psychotherapists to:

1.    Describe the HIV/AIDS pandemic after 35 years, referencing politics, research, transmission, infection, treatment and prevention.

2.    Review new methods which address prevention of HIV disease infection, including Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and Post-exposure Prophylaxis.

3.    Differentiate the impact, challenges and protection issues of the special populations of the young, transgender people and those over 50 years of age.

Course Syllabus






  • Prophylactic intervention: Truvada
  • Pre-exposure Prophylaxis and Post Exposure Prophylaxis


  • Youth
  • Transgender People
  • The elderly


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