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Psychology of Aging and Positive Psychology: Biology and Psychology of Aging and What It Takes to
Live Longer, Healthier, and Happier

3 CE Credits/Hours - Online Course - $49.00

Developed by Michael Brickey, Ph.D., ABPP

Course includes the work of happiness researcher, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D.

Course fulfills the Aging and Long-Term Care requirements. Check with your state's licensing board.

This course includes materials consisting of:

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Introduction MP3 to course by Michael Brickey, Ph.D.


General Course Description

Between 1900 and 2010, American life expectancy jumped from 47 to 78.6 years. Advances in genetic engineering, tissue engineering, stem cell therapies, nanotechnology, hormone therapies, and other fields are likely to foster a longevity revolution in which lifespans get much longer and people look and function younger at older ages. What can psychology in general and positive psychology teach us about how to live longer, healthier, and happier?

This introductory course focuses on what research on aging and research on centenarians (people 100+ years old) can teach us about living longer, healthier, and happier and how therapists can apply this knowledge to their clients (and to themselves).

Because identifying and reporting elder abuse is an important clinical issue, the course also includes information on identifying and reporting elder abuse.

Educational Objectives

This course will teach psychotherapists to:

1.    Identify ways beliefs affect living longer, healthier, and happier.

2.    Summarize positive psychology and aging.

3.    Identify and report elder abuse and neglect.

Course Syllabus

How beliefs affect mental and physical health and longevity

  • Beliefs set up self-fulfilling prophecies and behaviors
  • Beliefs about the efficacy of treatment
  • The lifestyle you choose has a profound influence on your health
  • The meanings you attach to events
  • Your body is an apothecary

Positive psychology on aging

Psychology of aging research on who lives the longest

33 Beliefs that promote living longer, healthier, and happier

Identifying and reporting elder abuse

Extensive bibliography

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