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Boundaries in Psychotherapy:
Ethical and Clinical Explorations

By Ofer Zur, Ph.D

Published by American Psychological Association, APA Books 2007

Price: $59.95 ~ 280 pg Hardcover ~ ISBN: 1-59147-737-9

"This book provides refreshing coverage of one of the most controversial issues in psychotherapy-the subject of psychotherapeutic boundaries. Gone are the blanket rules of avoiding all boundary crossings regardless of client needs, therapeutic settings, and therapist skills. Ofer Zur, a strong proponent of a rational approach, encourages readers to apply a decision-making model that lends itself to careful and creative problem solving with clients."

Leon VandeCreek, Ph.D., Professor, School of Professional Psychology, Wright State University, Dayton, OH; Fellow, American Psychological Association

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Boundaries in Psychotherapy Table of Contents



Part I: Boundaries in Context

Chapter 2. Reflections on Power, Exploitation, and Transference in Therapy

Chapter 3. Contexts of Therapy

Chapter 4. A Decision-Making Process for Boundary Crossing and Dual Relationship


Part II: Boundaries Around the Therapeutic Encounter

Chapter 5. Time and Money: Managing Time, Fees, Billing, and Bartering

Chapter 6. Space for Therapy

Chapter 7: Home Office Practice

Chapter 8: Technology for Delivering Care


Part III: Boundaries Within the Therapeutic Encounter

Chapter 9: Self-Disclosure

Chapter 10: Touch

Chapter 11: Gifts

Chapter 12: Personal Space, Language, Silence, Clothing, Food, Lending, and Other Boundary Considerations


Part IV: Final Thoughts

Toward a Better Understanding of Boundaries in Therapy

Appendix A: Examples of Boundary Crossings and Boundary Violations in Psychotherapy
Appendix B: Ethics Codes on Boundaries and Dual Relationships in Psychotherapy and Counseling
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