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Certificate Program in Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)

29 CE Credit Hours - $174.00

Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) has been used for thousands of years. In fact, it has been the main course of treatment for most of human evolution. It generally involves the treatment of mental conditions and mental disorders via nutrition (diet & supplements), exercise, meditation and other mindfulness practices, life-style adjustment, animal assisted therapies, etc. CAM is often practiced along side of or in addition to allopathic or conventional Western medicine. Historically speaking, when allopathic Western medicine became standard in the developed world, practices such as nutrition and mindfulness became "alternative." (To read NIH's definition of CAM, click here)

In an era where children as young as toddlers are being diagnosed with mood disorders to the tune of billions of dollars for the pharmaceutical industry, we would do well to explore natural approaches to mental health. Trauma victims who fail to thrive in traditional therapeutic settings may regain health and functionality with a horse, in nature. Some people with bipolar disorder, who are resistant to rolling the dice with medication's side effects, can live quite healthily with the right diet, supplements, sleep, and exercise. And, meditation has been shown to change people's brains for the better over time.

We are pleased to offer five courses in this area, combined in this package for a total savings of $111.

Disclaimer: The courses offered in this certificate program regarding Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM) are purely educational and do not intend to serve as a license (or permission) to mental health professionals to prescribe or practice any of the approaches discussed in this certificate program unless they fall within the scope of practice of your profession. Check with your licensing board about the scope of practice of your profession to make sure you practice within that scope. It also does not serve as a permission to title yourself in any specific way.

Course Materials: text/webpage Articles    audio Audios    videoVideos

Transcripts are available for ALL MP3s in pdf format.

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Certificate Program Courses

Holistic & Nutritional Approaches
(5 CE Credit Hours) text/webpage
Holistic Psychotherapy
(6 CE Credit Hours)text/webpage
BodyMind: Goodbye to Dualism
(6 CE Credit Hours) text/webpage >
Meditation and Psychotherapy
(8 CE Credit Hours) text/webpage
Mindfulness & Meditation
(4 CE Credit Hours) text/webpage

Total cost of the 29 CE Credit Hours -5 online course certificate program (save $111): $174

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