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Psychology of the Web Certificate Program

15 CE Credit Hours - $105.00

This four-course program offers a total of 15 CE credit hours and a comprehensive look at Psychology of the Web, including special courses on Cybersex and Internet & Adolescents.

Field leader Dr. Kimberly Young provides three courses covering Internet Addiction: an in-depth exploration of how internet addiction develops and what can be done about it; Cybersex and Internet Sex Addiction: understanding fidelity and sexuality in the context of the digital age crucial for treating couples in this day and age; and Internet & Adolescents: understanding digital natives' relationship to technology and space ownership therein. In addition, Psychology of the Web & Therapeutic Interventions in Cyberspace is based on Dr. John Suler's 2016 book Psychology of the Digital Age: Humans Become Electric.

Put together, these courses are a fantastic in-depth orientation to the digital age and its unique challenges of addiction and offerings of stimulation, networking and connection.

Disclaimer: The courses offered in this certificate program regarding Psychology of the Web are purely educational and do not intend to serve as a license (or permission) to mental health professionals to prescribe or practice any of the approaches discussed in this certificate program unless they fall within the scope of practice of your profession. Check with your licensing board about the scope of practice of your profession to make sure you practice within that scope. It also does not serve as a permission to title yourself in any specific way.

Course materials: text/webpage Articles text/webpage Audios

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Certificate Program Courses

Internet Addiction
(4 CE Credit Hours) text/webpage
Cybersex & Internet Sex Addiction
(2 CE Credit Hours) text/webpage
Children, Technology Addiction, Parenting & the Future
(4 CE Credit Hours) text/webpage
Psychology of the Web & Therapeutic Interventions in Cyberspace
(5 CE Credit Hours) text/webpage

Total cost of the 15 CE Credit Hours - 4 online course certificate program (save $51): $105

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