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Coherence Therapy: Creating Change Using Neuroscience & Clinical Skills

2 CE Credit Hours - Online Course - $19.00

Developed by Bruce Ecker, MA, LMFT and Garry Cooper, LCSW

Course includes interview & articles by Bruce Ecker, LMFT, co-developer of Coherence Therapy

Course materials: text/webpage Articles    audio Audios

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General Course Description

Many psychotherapists are concerned that the traditional methods of psychotherapy--talk, clinical skills, and the relationship between the therapist and client--are threatened by an avalanche of neuroscience research and findings. But Coherence Therapy (originally called Depth Oriented Brief Therapy) bridges that gap. Coherence Therapy was developed over the last 25 years by psychotherapists Bruce Ecker, LMFT and Laurel Hulley, MA. It utilizes the time-honored psychotherapy skills of empathic listening and therapist-client co-exploration to apply recent neuroscience findings on memory reconsolidation, the brain's process for unwiring and dissolving negative emotional learnings carried in implicit memory.

Coherence Therapy maintains that: Emotional or traumatic experiences are stored in the brain's implicit memory networks, outside of awareness. Also stored are emotional learnings (core beliefs, mental models, schemas) that adaptively react self-protectively in situations that seem similar. The vast majority of therapy clients' problems and symptoms are generated coherently by implicit learnings in that way. A special sequence of experiences, identified in memory reconsolidation research, actually unlocks and destabilizes the neural cirsuit that encodes and stores a target implicit learnings, allowing permanent, transformational change. The Coherence Therapy clinician guides clients to access and unlock their negative implicit learnings and then deeply unlearn and dissolve them using vivid contradictory experiences. Symptoms disappear immediately after their underlying learnings have disappeared, bringing a new experience of well-being.

This intermediate level 2 CE course provides an introductory neurological and clinical roadmap for working with clients who are stuck in their lives and in therapy. It consists of an audio interview with Bruce Ecker, co-founder of Coherence Therapy, on "Creating Change Using Neuroscience and Clinical Skills" and of two articles by Ecker and his colleagues. The clinician will learn the neuroscientific foundations of implicit memory and reconsolidation, as well as several examples of Coherence Therapy techniques, which create deep, lasting emotional and cognitive change. The material also includes case studies and a resource section for additional learning.

Educational Objectives

This course will teach the participant to:

1.    Discuss the neuroscientific processes of implicit memory and memory reconsolidation.

2.    Identify the clinical process of Coherence Therapy.

Course Syllabus

  • implicit memory formation
  • development of schema
  • memory reconsolidation

Process of Coherence Therapy

  • opening the client's emotional truth
  • allowing client to find a contradictory truth
  • reconsolidating new schema

Coherence Therapy compared and contrasted to other therapies

  • CBT
  • Rational-Emotive Therapy

Case Studies

Additional resources and references

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