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HIPAA Compliance Kit, 9th Ed....  With Ready-to-use Forms- Updated May 2018

8th Edition Best-Selling HIPAA Manual Successfully used by 1000s of therapists

Developed by By: Ofer Zur, Ph.D. and Roy Huggins, LPC NCC

Understanding & Applying The Regulations in Psychotherapeutic Practice

The HIPAA Kit and HIPAA Forms are available online in pdf format with links to the forms in word doc. You can access them instantaneously online. You can copy the HIPAA Forms to your word processing program, insert your letterhead and name, make other necessary changes, adapt them to your particular practice, and you're all set. The HIPAA Kit and Forms are not available in hard copy.

HIPAA Kit Table Of Contents

HIPAA Kit List of Forms

Receive the entire HIPAA Compliance Kit and HIPAA Forms instantly online via our HIPAA Online Course.

HIPAA Kit & Forms via .PDF download:

Solo Practitioner: $98.00
Small Practice (2-4 Clinicians): $149.00
Small Group (5-10 Clinicians): $299.00

The Kit will aid psychotherapists in private practice with:


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