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Somatics and Touch Package Deal

19 CE Credits - $133.00

Note: Somatic Psychotherapy does not always involve touch, and touch can be used in many other psychotherapeutic disciplines

Somatic Psychotherapy operates from the premise that the organization of the body is the organization of the psyche. There are many disciplines of Somatic Psychotherapy, all of which have cohesive elements. Somatic practitioners believe in a continual feedback loop between mind and body and between feeling and expression.

Using touch in somatic psychotherapy, as well as in other modalities, is a matter of choice on the part of the clinician. Many psychotherapists are reluctant to use touch for fear of offending the client or attracting a lawsuit. Touch can be used effectively, ethically, and in a clinically effective manner. These issues are addressed in all of our somatics and touch courses.

Disclaimer: The courses offered in this program regarding Somatics and Touch are purely educational and do not intend to serve as a license (or permission) to mental health professionals to prescribe or practice any of the approaches discussed in this program unless they fall within the scope of practice of your profession. Check with your licensing board about the scope of practice of your profession to make sure you practice within that scope. It also does not serve as a permission to title yourself in any specific way.

This Package Deal includes materials consisting of:

Transcripts are available for ALL MP3s in pdf format.

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Somatics & Touch Package Deal Courses

Touch In Therapy, Ethics Of
(6 CE Credits)
Touch in Psychotherapy II: Advanced
(6 CE Credits)
Somatic Psychotherapy: An Introduction
(7 CE Credits)

Total cost of the 19 CE Credits - 3 online course Package Deal (save $56): $133

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