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Treatment Planning

2 CE Credits/Hours - Online Course - $29.00

Developed by Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

This course is also offered as part of a Advanced Ethics Certificate Program of 71 CE Credits.

This course includes materials consisting of:

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General Course Description

This is a beginning-intermediate level course outlining the exact steps to construct a treatment plan.

It explains the importance of the treatment plan for psychotherapy and emphasizes that the treatment plan is part of the standard of care and a first line of defense in any litigation. The treatment plan is like the blue-print of treatment and should be constructed for psychotherapy clients.

The course provides sample treatment plans for various diagnoses and basic forms for therapists to personalize and use in their practices.

Educational Objectives

This course will teach psychotherapists to:

1.    Relate the importance and functions of treatment plans.

2.    Step-by-step construct a treatment plan.

3.    List the necessary treatment planning forms.

4.    Create an updated treatment plan.

Course Syllabus


Importance of Treatment Planning

Key issues of Treatment Planning

Erroneous Beliefs about Treatment Planning

Components of Treatment Planning

  • Outline
  • Focus of Treatment
  • Goals or Objectives
    - Examples of Treatment Goals
    - Types of Treatment Goals
  • Intervention or Treatment Methods
    - Examples of Interventions
    - Factors Determining Interventions
    - Referrals
  • Assessment of Progress and TP Update

Sample Treatment Planning

  • Example 1: Anorexia
  • Example 2: Borderline Personality
  • Example 3: Attention Deficit
  • Example 4: Depression
  • Example 5: Panic
  • Example 6: Phobia
  • Example 7: Anxiety
  • Example 8: Crisis of Meaning

Bibliography & Resources


  • Treatment Planning, Initial
  • Treatment Planning, Update
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