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Veterans: Assessment and Screening for PTSD & Suicidality

2 CE Credit Hours - Online Course - $19.00

Developed by Garry Cooper, LCSW

This course is also offered as part of Certificate Programs on Trauma, PTSD & Traumatic Brain Injury 36 & 66 CE Credit Hours

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General Course Description

The high incidence of PTSD and suicide among veterans has spurred some of the best research on assessment and treatment by the Defense Department (DoD) and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA). Their reports on assessment and treatment protocols are vital reading for any psychotherapist treating PTSD or treating clients at risk for suicide. Because of the high rates of suicide and PTSD among veterans, states such as Connecticut have begun requiring psychotherapists to earn continuing education credits in the area of PTSD, suicide and veterans.

This introductory level course introduces psychotherapists to the material put out by DoD and VA concerning assessment and treatment of PTSD and suicidal thinking. The VA is encouraging private psychotherapists to provide mental healthcare to veterans, and this course contains information on how both veterans and private psychotherapists can participate under the auspices of VA healthcare benefits. It also includes the recent changes in eligibility criteria for veterans seeking VA healthcare benefits. Finally, the course provides an extensive list of resources for clinicians and clients for further support and learning about PTSD and suicide.

Educational Objectives

This course will teach the participant to:

1.    Describe the assessment for PTSD.

2.    Describe the assessment and treatment of suicidal ideation and actions.

Course Syllabus

Eligibility criteria for veterans to receive health care benefits

  • VA definition of veterans
  • New healthcare benefits card

Suicide screening and suicide assessment

  • The difference between screening and assessment
  • Choosing the most effective screening and treatment methods
  • Assessment and treatment algorithms
  • Antidepressants for suicidal patients

Assessment of PTSD

  • Physical
  • Cognitive
  • Behavioral
  • Emotional

Additional Resources for treatment and further study

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